Gain Our Expertise, Products & Services

Our resellers know they can rely on us to deliver the technical service and support, allowing them to look after their customers.

Resellers have been at the heart of USIC Internet Services Ltd since the beginning. Providing a secure base and stable set of products on which our reseller customers build their customer base.

We always remain behind the scenes as far as practical, but offer resellers the products they need to support their business in this ever changing digital world. Everything we offer, we do so with the aim of long term provision and support that offers stability to our resellers and, in turn, their customers. We continuously innovate, update and evolve the offering to ensure we always provide a stable, secure and robust service.

Our core solutions are domain management, website hosting, virtual and dedicated machines, connectivity and VOIP (as well as legacy telecom services). We do have off the shelf services, but can also offer bespoke and dedicated solutions allowing you to outsource technical aspects of your business while focusing on the all important customer acquisition and ongoing care - safe in the knowledge that you and your customers are being looked after.

We pride ourselves in being a little bit different in the reseller market - we always add value and back that up with excellent support. We don't just aggregate customers into a larger reseller and simply add a further layer between the end customer and the service they receive. We see and offer solutions to a lot of obscure requirements that simply can not be met by the off the shelf reseller providers. Rather than forcing your customer down a road that doesn't suit them, why not see if we can accommodate them?

We aim to be in control of as much of the services we sell as possible. That means, not only do we take responsibility to resolve any issues, we are also in a position to do so. We aren't just another layer between the customer and the service they are using.

Here are some of the services we offer to resellers;

  • Connectivity - ADSL and FTTC
  • Ethernet - EoFTTC and dedicated fibre services, with or without Internet connectivity
  • IPv6 allocations and connectivity
  • Managed VPNs and multi-site WAN solutions
  • Domain name registration and management
  • Web hosting and virtual machines
  • Email Hosting
  • Collaboration Services
  • Email Anti-Virus and SPAM Scanning
  • SMTP Backup for customers with on-site servers
  • Full range of traditional and VOIP Telecoms
  • Bespoke reporting for inbound and outbound calls
  • Off-Site backup and disaster recovery