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USIC Internet Services offer all kinds of telecoms services and the founders have been active in SIP and VOIP technologies and solutions since 2002. It's safe to say we know what our customers need and have implemented a platform that has evolved over more than 19 years. We offer basic SIP trunks to get calls in to or out of your own PBX systems but more commonly we offer a fully hosted VOIP solution that aims to be as flexible as you need.

Our VOIP platform is cloud based, self healing and distributed over multiple core sites to ensure we can reach and maintain our aim for 100% uptime. The core infrastructure and hardware is owned and maintained by us and our links to 3rd parties to transit calls are dedicated and resilient to ensure the highest quality of service at all times.

Unlike many VOIP providers we, as per all of our other services, control as much of the service as practical. We are not simply reselling the services of another telecoms provider. This ensures we have the ability to manage and support our customers and most importantly to us - ensure you get the service you need. Naturally, we offer 'off the shelf' solutions that fit the vast majority of clients, but we are in the fortunate position of developing, building and maintaining our own platform, based on proven open source software. This ensures that we can offer bespoke solutions to customers that other box shifting resellers simply can not.

We offer a portal with controls to self manage, but equally, we are happy to support customers that want to be hands-off and have us manage everything for them. Our portal allows full management of the service, but also allows you to immediately set emergency diverts to other phones/mobiles if there does happen to be an issue on site or you just want to work from home that day! App based access to accounts also means that customers are no longer tied to their desk and the reliance on diverts to mobiles is unnecessary.

As well as VOIP based services we can also offer physical lines, either for voice and/or data services. This allows us to be a single point of contact for any issues and in doing so, be in full control of the path to a speedy resolution.

There are lots of reasons to choose us, but here are just a few!

  • Great Service
  • Great Support
  • Managed and non-managed services (or a mixture to suit your needs)
  • Mobile integration, by SIM, by app, by forwarding - work flexibly, but maintain that professional feel
  • Lots of fail-over options - divert calls to other numbers, spread the load between multiple people - all at the click of a button.
  • Call centre solutions that don't rely on proprietary software and difficult integrations. A cloud based wallboard to see agent status and call stats for the day. Infinite flexibility and scalability from our cloud call centre.

By combing our VOIP services with our data products, you have the benefit of having fewer points of possible problems. Our data services connect to the same core network as our voice services ensuring end-to-end service visibility and control. Our customer VOIP implementation means that handsets are isolated from the 'Internet' and therefore many of the issues you may have experienced with other providers simply can't occur.

We can take over your standard lines and bill for these along with calls. We can handle complex requirements for call recording your inbound and outbound calls (both on site and within the network). We can offer you a SIP trunk for additional or all the capacity on an existing phone system. We can offer telephone systems from a handful of phones (with hosted functionality - just the handsets and connectivity on site) at one or a number of sites. We can offer phone systems with hundreds of handsets, complex queues, IVRs and reporting.

We can be creative with telecoms too. Complex requirements that the big carriers can't scale and therefore can't offer aren't an issue for us. We can even offer solutions where mobile SIMs (utilising multiple mobile networks if coverage is tricky) are presented as a local extension to your phone system and even present your main geographic or non-geographic number - no more lost control by allowing customers to have access to your 24/7 mobile number! Our app also means your smartphone can make and receive calls using with WiFi or Mobile data connections.

We are in control of the caller id your calls send, so you can have different numbers presented for different brands, all from the same handsets. If you want to have a local presence in another part of the country, we can offer 01/02 numbers from all over the UK and should you be looking bigger than that, we can offer numbers from all over the globe too. You could have a New York number delivered to your office in the UK for customers in the USA to call on at local rates to them (and don't forget, if you call them back, you can present the New York number too).

PCI compliant call handling is also available. No more fines for taking card payments over the phone. Secure handling of card data (with immediate processing and funds optionally linked to your existing merchant account), while still on a call with your customer. You will know if you need this, so get in touch to find out more.

Business Connectivity

We don't simply resell 3rd party packages from other ISPs, we are the ISP. All of our connectivity solutions offer termination into our own core network. This means we are in control and have visibility end-to-end in order to identify and more importantly, fix problems. We can't pass the buck to the ISP - and we wouldn't want to. Our aim is to ensure the services we provide can be fully supported. Of course, we do still rely on the incumbents to get the connectivity to our core, but the quantity and quality of these wholesale connections allow us to ensure we can always meet the demands of the services we provide.

We can offer services for small business, such as ADSL, and FTTC as well as much larger projects combining FTTC, EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC - a step towards a dedicated leased line with guaranteed throughput), gFast (up to 330Mb/s over copper), FTTP (up to 1Gbp/s) and of course full and dedicated Fibre based Ethernet services up to 10Gb/s. All of these can have optional 4G fail-over and we can also offer fail-over via other connectivity technologies or wholesale network providers, depending on your requirements. Our smart core routing allows us to offer simple solutions to otherwise complex multi-site scenarios. This means customers can reduce the on-site hardware and associated support costs. Multi-site groups can incorporate global and private routing as well as a combination. We are happy to advise and offer solutions to meet your needs and are confident that we have the right tools, services and a common sense approach to ensure we deliver a secure and functional service to you.

All of our services have a dedicated IPv4 IP address as well as a minimum of /64 IPv6. We can also accommodate announcing of your PI IP address space for use with your services.

As part of our VOIP services we also allocate a dedicated range of RFC1918 private IP addresses that are not globally routable, usually in the range. This ensures we can offer a fully non-NAT VOIP sub-network that is isolated from the rest of the Internet, so secure from external attack vectors against SIP endpoints. This ensures a high quality service for your voice traffic. Typically, VOIP IPs are added to a connection that is shared with other data services, where sufficient bandwidth is available to support both voice and data. We also offer dedicated voice connectivity that is not reachable from the rest of the Internet to ensure security, peace of mind and a level of service that can not be interrupted by 3rd party network activity, should this be required.

Our core network monitors all connections and this means we can spot issues and often rectify them before the end user is aware. It also means we constantly capture useful diagnostics data that can aid a speedy identification and subsequent fix for any issues that do occur.

Our aim is to always have sufficient capacity in the core network to support all end users at peak times. We do not restrict ports or services and do not manipulate traffic within our core, so customers always get the fastest possible speed on their connection.

Hosting & Domain Management

We provide a secure, fast and reliable website hosting service along with domain registration and management tools to ensure your site is served to your visitors quickly.

Our hosting offers the most popular tools and languages in a shared environment.

For clients with more complex needs, we can also offer dedicated virtual cloud servers or physical servers that can offer full control to developers and system administrators. We can tailor this to suit, including a service to ensure the virtual server operating system software is up to date, so you don't have to worry about taking full responsibility for your dedicated resources.

All hosting is IPv6 enabled and of course, we fully support SSL on all hosting services.


E-Mail is a critical tool for everybody. Our hosting services do come with POP3 and IMAP functionality as standard, however, most customers now need more than that. As a result, we offer Zimbra based email solutions for collaboration and in-sync email mailboxes for individuals or teams. Mailboxes are stored in the cloud but accessible via traditional mail clients, a web based mail application and of course on your smartphone and tablet. No matter where you are, as long as you have a data connection, you can access your email, contact and calendar data and also share it with colleagues. Our web based interface also allows you to operate in an offline mode, so if you know you will not have connectivity, but still need to work on recent emails, you can. Your privacy is important to us, so none of our services rely on you signing away your rights and we won't tailor any adverts to the content of your inbox! Get in touch to see how a different approach to email will help you and your business.

Hardware and On-Site

Although a lot of customers are looking to have their data off-site in the cloud permanently, understandably some are not. They like the security of knowing their data is with them and accessible on site regardless of the availability of their connectivity. We can do that and we can also offer off site back-up and replication for disaster recovery. It all depends on your needs, however, you can be confident, regardless of what that need is - we can offer you the appropriate solution. We are also happy to offer full support for on-site hardware and will ensure efficient and timely vendor updates too. We can also help you to set security policies so that your systems are as secure and robust as possible.

This is just a taster - get in touch if you have something in mind and want to know what we can do to help deliver that for you.