Fibre Internet with Full UK Coverage

We also have dedicated coverage in Basildon Industrial Areas

Basildon - Burnt Mills Industrial Estate Fibre Internet Services

Internet connectivity is critical with so many cloud services being available now. USIC Internet Services can now offer full fibre solutions to businesses in Basildon that have outgrown the available ADSL and FTTC services.

3rd party fibre providers have been busy laying dedicated fibre in the area and that means businesses are no longer reliant solely on the services offered by Openreach for their connectivity requirements.

We can provide a range of services, depending on your needs. All services utilise a dedicated fibre to your premises with various service options depending on your requirements and budget.

Installation is free of charge in most areas, although there is a fee for some areas that are further away from the closest node.

We can offer dedicated 1:1 with no contention guaranteed bandwidth circuits up to 10Gb throughput with a 99.99% uptime SLA, but for most businesses, that's not necessary.

With the installation of a dedicated fibre connection to your premises from one of the many nodes around the estate, we can offer a symmetrical service that gives you the same upload speed as the download - really important for video calls and of course with various cloud based services.

As a guide, services start at 100Mb/s and are £125 per month, with 300Mb at £165 per month and 500Mb at £195 per month. Most require a 36 month minimum term, however, speed increases can be ordered partway through.

Our service is a little bit different to others you may see advertised locally. The connection you get will be connected via our own network and will provide a static IPv4 address and a full /64 of IPv6. We can also offer Cloud VOIP or SIP trunk telephone services over the same physical connection but with calls remaining entirely on-net (and not routed via any external Internet connections) for the ultimate in service quality and reliability.

Contact us with your postcode so we can offer you a formal no obligation quotation and answer any questions you might have.